Can I leave my luggage in the baggage room ?

You can leave your luggage in the baggage room in complete security. The fee for storage of a period of 24hrs is $6 for a locker or $12 for baggage with dimensions too large to fit within a locker. It is also possible to leave your luggage in the baggage room for a period longer than 24hrs. The fee is $12 per day for each piece of luggage. Please note that the use of the lockers are reserved for clients of the Gare d’autocars de Montréal. Upon rental, a proof of travel, (an outbound ticket or a receipt of an arriving ticket), will need to be presented.

The dimensions of the lockers are 33cm by 35.5cm by 71cm for the small locker and 35.5cm by 61cm by 71cm for the large locker.

Please present yourself at the ticket counter, open 24hrs, to purchase a token.

The lockers are accessible 24hrs a day.